Tulip Tam Knit kit with einrum yarn and English pattern

Tulip Tam Knit kit with einrum yarn and English pattern

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Design: Heike Gittins
The inspiration for this Tam o’Shanter (Tam) came to me during a recent visit to Amsterdam. Visiting Museums and the flower market, seeing all those beautiful Delft tiles and hundreds of different kinds of Tulips made me want to try and incorporate both into a new design. Add to this the stunning Einrum Yarn, 80% Icelandic Wool (for warmth) 20% Mulberry Thai Silk (for drape and sheen) and you will end up with a stylish accessory that keeps you warm during the colder months of the year.

The Kit contains 100g Einrum E+2 Yarn – 80% Icelandic Wool/20% Mulberry Thai Silk – 50g/208m, and the printed pattern in English

Finished Size     50cm Rib Band circumference – will stretch to fit up to 57cm head circumference

You will need: Set of 2.75mm Double Pointed Needles, 2.75mm short Circular Needle, Stitch Marker, Darning Needle

The color combinations are available as kits:

Version 1: white - blue

Version 2: white - rose

Version 3: white - red

Version 4: silver - dark brown

Version 5: light brown - dark brown

Version 6: white - light brown

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